Chariots 30th Anniversary Car Show 2024


June 8th 2024 - cool forecast for an unsual club's event at the park

June Club’s outing took us to the Chariots Car Club 30th Anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary, the Chariots SoCal Car Club organized a show at the beautiful Palm Park in Lakewood, on Saturday June’s 8th with hundreds of sparkling cars. Chevys, Fords, Mopars, Lincolns, muscle cars, hot rods, classics and of course, Oldsmobiles were properly aligned on the grass.
As the event was held on the second Saturday of the
month, it coincided with our board meeting, so exceptionally, the meeting took place outdoors, under the club’s gazebo. Being in the park surrounded by grass, cool weather, folding chairs, coolers, and the gazebo, created a nice and unusual “camping” atmosphere for once, and with the coolness surrounding us, we could even have a fire! By 9:30 am, the entire staff was ready to work. Randy Hare, our president, animated the debate, which lasted a couple of hours.
After the board meeting, we all went our way, checking the others cars, relaxing by the gazebo or just enjoying a friendly conversation with other club’s members or visitors.
At 2:00 p.m. the Awards ceremony began, and everyone gathered around the main shelter/podium for the lottery prize results and the presentation of the winners’ trophies. We were happy to see that members won a trophy, but unfortunately, no one won the lottery – not even Cal… Big
congratulations to all our winning members! Mr. and Mrs. Harley Keith Berg for their 1950 88, Richard Santillan for his 1962 Dynamic 88, Dave Walters for his 1973 Omega.
Unfortunately, our club was outnumbered by the Suicide King Car Club, a 1961-1969 Lincoln  Continental club, for the “Best Culb Paticipation” They took home the trophy with twelve cars against nine. One of their members also won “Best of Show” with his restomod Lincoln hardtop.
By 2:30 pm, everyone started to pack their things, it was time to head back home. For some members the drive was short, while others drove some 80 miles away. It was a good day at the park, with friends and Oldsmobiles