Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer the most common questions that have been asked during the years.
If you have a question that is not answer in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

The Oldsmobile Club of Southern California has been active since its creation in 1972. With over 140 members throughout the United States and abroad, it continues to grow and welcome new supporters. The club meets monthly to discuss future plans that include car shows, gatherings, reunions, museum tours, and any other events that continue to represent the Oldsmobile Brand. In addition, the club also maintains a close friendship, and working relationship, with both the Northern California Chapter and the Arizona Chapter.
The Oldsmobile Club of Southern California is one of the largest chapters of the National Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA). With over 140 members, the club is one of the most active and oldest Oldsmobile Clubs in the United States. Although most of the club’s members reside in Southern California, we do have current members from Northern California and our neighboring state of Nevada.
Joining the Oldsmobile Club of Southern California allows members access to attend car shows, purchase merchandise, participate in private tours, attend automotive museums, be a guest at banquets, organize club reunions, and most importantly receive a copy of the clubs monthly newsletter. Filled with valuable and essential articles related to the history and automotive progress of Oldsmobile, the monthly newsletter is by far one of the best publications promoting the legacy of the Olds Brand. Furthermore, the newsletter provides insight to the current club activities, a directory for “parts wanted” and “parts for sale” section, and most importantly the future plans of the SoCal Olds Club.
However, the greatest and most valuable benefit for all members is the camaraderie and family atmosphere one could only aspire to have in a car club. Filled with friendly, knowledgeable, and easygoing individuals, the Oldsmobile Club of Southern California has allowed car enthusiasts to share in the same passion in keeping Oldsmobiles on the road. Making lifelong friends comes naturally as evidenced by the current membership.

The yearly membership is $25.00 for the primary member and $3.00 for his/her associate*. Outside of the U.S., the membership is slightly higher.
Your membership is worth much more than the asking fee. As a member, you will be receiving a lot:
• A monthly local chapter newsletter “The Rocket Circle”, (30 plus pages)  via email.
• Free Oldsmobile-related advertising
• Access to our “member only” web pages
• Technical advice, and if you ask, an incredible source of knowledge from our members.
• Private access to some incredible collections or museum tours
• Friendly and always ready to help members and staff.
• Monthly membership and board meeting
• and so much more
Join the club, you won’t regret it!

*Associate membership is only available to the spouse, significant other or living at home children of active memb

It’s YOUR Oldsmobile, your choice.
We have nothing to say when it comes to your car.
Some members are hardcore original, others are not. We have all king of cars, 100% original to some extreme modified vehicles. We have some Olds with other brand engines, and we have other brands with Olds engines!
It is not our business to say what you should or should not do on your car. We don’t care, what matters more is that you like, or even better, Love your Oldsmobile.

We are “the Oldsmobile Club of Southern California”, but not the “Oldsmobile Car Club of Southern California”! As long as you love or show interest for Oldsmobile, you’re good!
For so many years, early hot rods used the Rocket engines, The fastest dragsters run Olds engines for years, and boats also all over the world are equipped with Olds too, even Carroll Shelby chose an Oldsmobile engine when he built his Series 1 between 1998 – 2005. So no you do not need an Oldsmobile car to join the Club, you don’t even need a car, just be an aficionado of the brand!

You are more than welcome to join the club!
There is no requirement to own an Oldsmobile for club membership as long as you remain enthusiastic of the Oldsmobile brand. And who knows, you may find your future Oldsmobile by hanging around members who may know a person that have a friend that… you know the story.
Or the one that comes up on the market through the huge network that the club offers.

The club makes a great point conducting monthly meetings to keep the members informed of club’s actions and future plans. On the second Saturday of each month, we hold the board meeting during breakfast at the Steamliner in Orange. Guests are welcome to join us for breakfast and evaluate the well doing of the Club before eventually joining.

Most months, the Oldsmobile Club of Southern California has car-related or community-related planned events. The club participates in several car shows, private car collection tours, and even non-vehicle related museum visits and charitable events. Additionally, the club also attends local cruise nights, car meets, and participates in parades throughout the year.

One of the highlights each year is the Pacific Southwest Zone Show sponsored by both the Southern and Northern California Chapters of the Oldsmobile Club of America. The Zone Show is usually help mid-way between both chapters and in May.

The most anticipated event of the year is the Oldsmobile Club of Southern California’s Memorial Show and Picnic. It is usually held in late October when the summer heat has cooled for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s a great gathering of members and non-members for a picnic at the park. The show takes place in the greater Los Angeles area and is open to all years and models of Oldsmobiles, as well as non Oldsmobile vehicles.

One of the main goal of the club, is to help his fellow membership!
We have resources to share among our members, and members have resources to share among other members. If you have a problem, a concern, or you are just curious about something Oldsmobile related, post your question on our Facebook Group. It’s almost certain that a member(s) will know the answer! That is the main force of the club, the huge amount of knowledge that our members have.

By joining the club, you’ll also have access to a “Workshops & Stores” listing. But, while one member may be very happy with a shop or a store, another member may be dissatisfied with the same shop or store. So we do not “guarantee” these addresses, and we can’t be help responsible. The list is there to help you, but do your homework, investigate, shop around, like you will do with any other businesses.

In 1974, the club’s member voted to become a chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America, and to this day is one of the oldest and largest chapters of the O.C.A. with members owning Oldsmobile’s from the early 1900’s all the way to Final Five Hundred 2004 models.
Our members have the option and we recommend (but it is not required) that you join the Oldsmobile Club of America.